Our Family Motto

We, the Peterson Family:

Promise to be honest in all we do and say,

Stand tall and righteous throughout each day.

Serve around the world and in our home,

Give thanks for blessings we’ve been shown.

We’ll work as a team with joy and love,

And honor our Heavenly Father above.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

It’s always good to start out the New Year with some New Year’s Resolutions. For today’s project, sit down as a family and set some goals. Try to cover 4 different areas of life: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Think of things you’d like to accomplish individually or as a family. For young children set goals for them such as potty training or learning the ABCs. Leave them hand written or type them up on the computer then glue them onto some thick, bright card stalk and place on the fridge.

Here's what we did...

My Workbook

I think we thought up some decent goals... probably similar to many other families' goals. I asked Parker what year is was and he said, "Sponge Bob!" I guess kids don't care too much about improving their lives at the beginning of each year... they are just happy to be here! :-)

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  1. Wonderful. He looks engaged with the project, for sure!