Our Family Motto

We, the Peterson Family:

Promise to be honest in all we do and say,

Stand tall and righteous throughout each day.

Serve around the world and in our home,

Give thanks for blessings we’ve been shown.

We’ll work as a team with joy and love,

And honor our Heavenly Father above.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Go to the Bank

Take your child to the local bank and let them explore. Ask if your child may sit with a banker and set up a savings account- if you are prepared to do so. Show you child the tellers and ATM and deposit slips. Explain to them that this is where all the money is held after Mommy and Daddy work hard to earn it. Then we can take it out when we need to buy something. It's important for children to learn the worth of money and I hope this week you had a fun time teaching them about dollars and sense!

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