Our Family Motto

We, the Peterson Family:

Promise to be honest in all we do and say,

Stand tall and righteous throughout each day.

Serve around the world and in our home,

Give thanks for blessings we’ve been shown.

We’ll work as a team with joy and love,

And honor our Heavenly Father above.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini Sombrero


• Styrofoam or paper cup
• Mini paper plate
• 1" wide strip of brown felt
• 1/4" wide strip of red felt
• 1/4" wide strip of orange felt
• Acrylic paint in red and sunflower (tan/yellow)
• Medium pom-poms in red, green, yellow, orange, white and brown
• Paint brush
• Hot glue gun


1. Paint paper plate and Styrofoam cup with sunflower paint. Let dry and repeat. Paint the outer edge of the plate rim red. Let dry completely.

2. Hot glue the Styrofoam cup to the center of the paper plate to form your hat.

3. Glue the brown felt around the bottom of the Styrofoam cup (the edge that is touching the plate) to make the hat band. Glue the red and orange felt over the brown to create stripes.

4. Glue the pom-poms to the red edge of the paper plate, alternating colors as you go (green, white, red, yellow, brown, orange, green, white, etc.).


• If you don't have a color paint similar to tan or "sunflower" on hand, make your own by mixing a little brown into some yellow paint until it is the color you desire.

• Use any color of pom-pom you like. If you don't have all the colors listed here, simply use what you have on hand.

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